Acing your next MAANG+ interview

In a world filled with coding interview courses, it's crucial to choose the most effective path for your preparation.

While some suggest subscribing to multiple platforms and investing 12 to 18 months preparing, this approach may lead to a long wait if you don't secure an offer.

My approach is different. I'm here to equip you for success in just six months or less, boosting your confidence for that crucial interview. Remember, not landing an offer on your first attempt is common, I only landed my Meta offer on my second try.

I've curated a set of problems that focus on the core interview patterns. With Hacking MAANG, you'll learn how to recognize, understand, and solve these common patterns, following the same methodology that helped me land jobs at Meta and PayPal.

Meet your instructor

Kush Fanikiso

Kush is a software engineer at Meta (FKA Facebook). He has worked as a SWE at other top tier companies such as PayPal. His areas of interest are: distributed systems, theoretical computation, artificial intelligence & machine learning, cryptocurrencies, and programming languages. He is a huge fan of test-driven development (TDD), pair programming, and agile methodologies.

I'm so excited for my internship at Meta. I couldn't have done it without your course. Thank you!

- Tawana Mphusu, Software Engineering Intern @ Meta

Our course features dozens of helpful diagrams to help you understand concepts.

We'll cover all the most important concepts, including:

  1. Sliding window
  2. Two pointer
  3. Searching & Sorting
  4. Recursion
  5. Dynamic programming
  6. Graph Traversal
  7. Heaps
  8. Linked Lists
  9. Bit Manipulation
  10. And many more!